Welcome to Riche Travel

Riche Luxury Travel started out in 2009 as a collaboration with the world’s most beautiful hotels and Resorts, and has grown to now host a network of VIP 'Travel Stylists' Australia wide, available to plan personalised and memorable travel experiences for discerning travellers.

Riche Travel Stylists are handpicked, they are Airline and Hotel industry experts and passionate travellers themselves, who have carved long standing and successful relationships with their clients. They have the ability due to these great relationships to work from anywhere, live a lifestyle on the move, rather than chained to the confines of a traditional office.

For clients, having your own Riche Travel Stylist means no 9-5 business hour limitations. Before or after work, evenings, weekends, we understand the need to be connected, and your Travel Stylist is dedicated to offering a level of service that doesn't switch off when the office does.

For our Travel Stylists Riche offers a unique and simple platform for them to work with their own clients, whenever they like and from wherever in the world they choose (as long as there is Wi-Fi!). Our vision for our consultants is that they can live a life of freedom and flexibility, where work supplements the kind of lifestyle they desire.

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Email:       info@richetravel.com.au
  1300 788 747